Wide Open MRI

University quality imaging capabilities with high definition MRI.

If you’ve ever had an MRI you know it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world: the confining chamber that moves ever so slow and the loud, scary noises just add to your discomfort.

We know you’d like something better, and we’ve delivered! We use the new, state-of-the-art Open High Field MRI that delivers patient comfort without compromising quality or capabilities. Wider openings reduce that “closed-in” feeling as soothing music plays. Or bring your own iPod or MP3 player to plug in to our MRI audio system for your choice of music.

Claustrophobia is a thing of the past with the extra-wide opening that accommodates patients of all shapes and sizes with ease. And the quality of the images? Outstanding, clear images that help us diagnose and analyze your condition and recovery better. Radiation exposure from traditional CT angiograms is also eliminated, along with it’s possible side effects.

The Open MRI system gives you the newest technology available with 3D imaging capability for carpal bones, spine imaging, elbow ligaments and more. Vascular imaging of carotids, vertebral arteries, peripheral extremity angiograms are also available.

University quality imaging capabilities with
high definition MRI.

Built on an uncompromised MR platform, the MR450w offers:

  • OpTix digital RF system – signal digitization in the magnet room to help improve SNR.
  • 50cm usable FOV – accommodate larger patients.
  • High fidelity gradients – optimized control of gradient performance to generate outstanding performance in demanding applications such as fMRI, cardiac, diffusion, and FIESTA.
  • Acoustic Reduction Technology (ART) – reduce acoustic noise for brain, spine, and MSK exams without compromising image quality.