Your First Visit

Your first visit can be a simple process if you are prepared. Below are some guidelines to go by.

Prior to your visit with us, you should have received a packet in the mail. This packet contains insurance information, intake forms, etc. Please fill out these forms completely and bring them with you. Many of the forms we send are below, but ensure you have everything you need.

To prepare for filling out these forms, here are some information items you’ll need:

  • Your medical history. This includes all major illnesses you have had and any surgeries you had to treat them. You’ll need dates for these surgeries.
  • Your medicines. Take some time to inspect your medicine cabinet and write down the names of all medicines you take, both prescription and non-prescription.
  • Your MRI and/or X-rays. If you have had either of these films done, please bring them with you. Your doctor or radiologist may have given you a CD or DVD with your films in digital format rather than conventional films. Either format is fine.